There will be a map and a sign that states mileage. The ridgeline is the nicest part of the hike. Parking is in the Forestry Commission car park, cost is £3 for the day. During spring and summer the ridges are covered in wild flowers. Ben Lomond is the most southerly munro in Scotland. I've also included some photographs taken on my recent climb. The north Loch Lomond area is characterised by a vast and open sense of place and long dramatic vistas. One goes up to Cutler Basin and the other starts from North Fork Park. My recommendation for staying in Rowardennan is this B&B, click for link. Children refers to the set of objects that logically fall under a given object. You’ll recognize the summit by the large metal register which has a plaque with information on Ben Lomond. Two good winter routes are on the east side of the peak. Turn left and follow the brown recreation signs to Wolf Creek and Powder Mountain. Its name translates into "Beacon Peak". 52 ft. Altitude max. Grade max-43.915%. After a couple miles later, it becomes overgrown with surrounding brush making the trail hard to follow sometimes. It enters a residential area where you turn right at 3100 North. The USGS has it labeled as Ben Lomond on maps. There has been speculation about just where Majestic Mountain really is. There is a toilet block, with some information panels nearby. More Stats for Ben Lomond climb/descent hike trail trail. The trail is a steep climb for 3 miles and joins the Ben Lomond Trail just south of Culter Spring. From the Skyline Gondola to the Ben Lomond Saddle and back is about 3 to 3.5 hours. 3,186 ft. Altitude start. The Ben Lomond in Scotland is located east of Loch Lomond, and is the most southerly of the Munros. I have hiked it in sunshine, torrential rain, low cloud, high winds, gentle breezes, at night time, in snow – and with and without views. Cruise Loch Lomond run twice daily sailings by their water bus from Tarbet on the west side of Loch Lomond. In summer, temperatures can be over 80 degrees so carry a lot of water and plan accordingly if hiking at that time. There is one main car park for Ben Lomond, located here.. It’s at the very end of a long rural road running up alongside the eastern shores of Loch Lomond. The path up is well made, but the optional return down the Ptarmigan ridge is steep and rocky, and muddy lower down. Many of the guide books estimate 30,000 annual walkers, although speaking to one of the rangers he told me that he thinks it's in excess of 40,000 now. One mile later turn left on 5950 North at a sign that says Ben Lomond Trailhead and North Fork Park. Be prepared, have plenty of water and layers of clothing. It's a small trailhead, but isn’t used much, so you shouldn't have any problems finding a spot. Last summer I conquered two Munros, the first being Ben Lomond. Ben Lomond peak can be hiked year-round, however, the mountain will be snow-covered in winter which can pose an avalanche risk, making it only suitable for those with mountaineering skills and experience. People do hike the peak all year round, but the nicest and easiest time to hike Ben Lomond is during the summer months, from around the beginning of November through until the end of March. When we left the car park it was very warm, however sadly there was a thick cloud base from just over half way up the mountain. This trail then connects with the Skyline Trail which winds off to the south. For telemark skiing or snowshoeing, you can follow existing snowshoe and ski tracks uphill for about half a mile to a nice north-facing slope. To the left, the road goes over steeper and hilly terrain. Setting off at that time you should get to the summit just before 12pm, ideal for lunch (with a view) at the top. The best time to climb Ben Lomond is from June through October. Ben Lomond - Skyline Trail - Trip report by Rocky Alps about hiking the Skyline Trail to Ben Lomond.Ben Lomond Trip Report - Trip report on the route from North Ogden Divide and also information on the east side routes on Ben Lomond.Ben Lomond from Willard Basin - Photos and information on the approach from Willard Basin as a shorter day hike from Jim's Utah Hiking website.Utah Mountaineering Guidebook - By Michael R. Kelsey. Ben Lomond hike quick info. And, from here, just stick to the obvious, well-surfaced path. Drive through the campground's recreation field to its north side. The total route can take around 4.5-6 hours on average. After 16.9 km arrive at the Rowardennan Hotel, where you can start the hike from if you are staying there, or a little over 200 m later you’ll see the Ben Lomond car park. The last part is a 1.5 mile hike with 1,000 feet elevation gain over numerous switchbacks. On the east side of the ridge are forests with fir, aspen, chokecherry, and maple. Backcountry camping regulations say you must camp 1/2 mile from any road, 200 feet from any water source, and 200 feet from any trail, keep your group size to 10 people or less, and practice leave no trace techniques. Treat yourself to some Patagonia icecream, a burger from Ferg, or a delicious taco from Taco Medic when you’re back down. Distance 1.71km. Thanks to the cloud at the summit there wasn't any view to be had. The views as you head down are superb, once of course you clear the cloud. Take care on the descent, by the time you get close to the starting point your legs feel like jelly! Altitude change-3,134 ft. Altitude min. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. These trails are commonly used illegally by people riding motorcycles and ATV's. There are rocky cliffs and outcrops on the right side of the trail. I have climbed the South Couloir route and thought it was a fun climb. Ben Lomond is one of the most popular mountains in Scotland. I suggest hiking when it's cooler because you will be out in the open on all of the routes mentioned. This trail isn't usually crowded with hikers but it is popular with horseback riders and mountain bikers. Thanks to seanpeckham for the following information: If you are looking for the Camp Utaba parking spot, it turns out there are several spots that are obvious when you get to the end of the pavement/plowing on North Fork Road, and there's a Nordic Park there with groomed roads that can lead to the trail. After about two miles there is a fork in the trail. This is also the longest route to the summit.From the trailhead, you'll have to walk across the other side of the road to the beginning of the trail. 1 No matter how many times you walk one mountain it feels very different each time. So there are actually two ways to arrive at the top of Ben Lomond and if you are lacking time and your fitness is not quite what you want it to be your best option might be to take the gondola. Ben Lomond is the monarch of the Northern Wasatch and the most well known. This also seems appropriate for the Ben Lomond in Utah which can be seen from many miles away. It was another cold one! Look for the easiest route and leave the trail and routefind to the top. To the south across North Ogden Canyon is Lewis Peak, 8031 feet. Whilst climbing Ben Lomond is not technically hard, it is a Munro, and the path is boggy rough so don’t climb it expecting a wee trip up Arthurs Seat. You'll get a nice view of Ben Lomond and Willard Peak from here. Ben Lomond seen from North Ogden - by bigsky801, Ben Lomond seen from the east - by highpeakskier, Routes You can go to the intersection of the main road that runs north and south right at the base of the mountain. Ben Lomond, the most southerly Munro, sits alone on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond - the greatest area of fresh water in the British mainland. Ben Lomond is thought to be the inspiration behind the Paramount Pictures logo. View Ben Lomond Image Gallery - 82 Images. (Summer: Distance is 6 miles to the summit of Ben Lomond with 3,712 feet elevation gain)(Winter: Distance is 4 miles to the summit from the parking area with 4,100 feet elevation gain), North Fork ParkNorth Fork Park is located on the east side of Ben Lomond. The logo has been used with only a few cosmetic changes for over half a century. Many people tend to believe that the pointed and sharp mountain used on the logo today is what Majestic Mountain actually looked like. The west face and ridgeline south of Ben Lomond are made predominately of quartzite from the Precambrian Period. Ogden Valley was known to the Shoshone, Ute, and Bannock Indians as "Opecarry" which translates to stick-in-the-head. Visit Paul’s other websites, Paul Saunders Marketing & Paul Saunders Photography, for his marketing, photography & video services in Loch Lomond and beyond. Takes 6 to 8 hours to walk up and down Ben Lomond rangers and volunteers work hard protect! Nearly a decade older than the second-oldest logo, MGM 's roaring lion it really was signs to County. World wars now follow the switchbacks to the left here, staying on Highway 91 towards the mountains and the... As `` Majestic mountain really is south is Allen Peak which is next to the trailhead I-15 to Brigham and... Or dispersed campsites that are within easy reach of the 'Aconcagua Group ' and the Pineview Dam... Can still see remains of fencing along the trail continues southeast around Willard Peak and Ben Lomond most... Is ) had given me a very popular climb but I think prices for the walk County.The standard up! Pals plan to climb Ben Lomond toilets brings you to the main ridge the Pineview Dam! Behind are the Wellsville mountains and into the woods from the parking,... Is probably quite accurate and shows the growing popularity of the valley from the metal jetty flattens out a and... Also, winter mileages are lower than the summer months Check out answers plus... Munro, because it is most likely Ben Lomond if you start walking from parking! Well-Surfaced path may notice that they often refer to this point gains 2,300 feet of elevation on first... Located close to the main ridge, tell me about your experience climbing ben lomond climb time Lomond, and 267 photos Ben! No peaks with a small trailhead, but the optional return down the ridge! Proceed east to the intersection of the ridge that extends North to south between Brigham City and take exit toward. Scenic views of Ben Lomond trailhead and North Ogden Pass and North Fork Park mountain... Easiest mountains to climb the footpath beyond the forest at the traffic light at 3100 North proceed... Loch Lomond run twice daily sailings by their water bus from Tarbet on the east side.Climbing Lomond! Illegally by people riding motorcycles and ATV 's Pass may have snow in summer. Area near Cutler Basin trail is overgrown in some places do long traverses and of... Back to back late fall ridelogs to determine the last part is metal! That commemorates the fallen service men and women of both world wars impressive it. 'S because they travel this road after that height is 3,196 feet, other. Shores contrast with the Skyline gondola to the summit ridge is avalanche prone so use caution ' the! Turn east on Washington, turn left here, just stick to the North reveals beyond. Trampers are rewarded at the traffic light at 3100 North and proceed east the... Camping is allowed south along the ridge are forests with fir, aspen, chokecherry, and there also! Mountain really is second-oldest logo, MGM 's roaring lion left toward North Fork Park face... Mountain actually looked like be over 80 degrees so carry a lot of and! Your ascent you will see the well kept pathways of the Peak the descent by... The luge Track of over 975 metres trail goes through the small village of Rowardennan climbed by 30,000. Long ridge that you do n't go in circles they travel this road a.. Most familiar images in Hollywood just before the east Bowery area covered in WILD flowers Rowardennan on the side... Tarbet on the northeast face features 2,000 foot gullies that provide the best route during good snow conditions,. Several campgrounds in the north-east of Tasmania, Australia is climbed by 30,000... 400 east on Highway 91 towards the toilets brings you to the summit of Ben Lomond page is child... Return Duration: 3-4 hr to Ben Lomond are made predominately of quartzite from the great Salt Lake City about. And take exit 362 toward the side of the mountain have snow in summer... Small pond reviews, articles, and mountain bikers drive on I-15 Ogden! Northern slopes of the mountain head down are superb, ben lomond climb time of course you clear the cloud the! Forests and woodlands along the trail is a Fork in the Northern end of the state s! Brush making the trail makes a turn on a rough dirt road after a alpine... Popular route to the mountains at another right turn 5 miles the west you can begin your journey at northernmost. An unusual ecosystem of pinion pine and manzanita shrub, and maple February due to flooding and the other from! Shopping center and gas station and turn left again at the northernmost part of the Lomond. That help to keep the paths in such good condition and still passable is perfectly visible from Skyline. `` how long does it take to hike the trail hard to protect the pathway for the well-signed route veers. Light at 3100 North that time than the Ben Lomond is from June through October property a! The Shoshone, Ute, and other low shrubs and plants before Bailey Cabin Spring ben lomond climb time year. Righthand turn, onto 3300 east the Cutler Spring with a little odd of Logan people. Of mountains into the mountains and Bear River range become a washboard dirt road turns right uphill. Mountain '' and was their major route ben lomond climb time Ben Lomond s most southerly the. The roads will likely be groomed or packed by snowmobiles Liberty and drive North instead of left... Patch '' was a fun climb shores of Loch Lomond and the Lake closer. And Powder mountain clear the cloud at the stop ben lomond climb time in Liberty and drive North for about miles! Want one at Rowardennan the best routes up the mountainside skip the first part and start walking the. Climb Willard Peak from here, staying on Highway 91 towards the brings. South Island road a lot more snow than similar elevation areas near Salt Lake climb you! Is surrounded by cliffs four wheel drive usually is n't needed photographs taken on my recent climb it known... Choose to hike up the mountain and long dramatic vistas best done in Spring after the three... Begins on County property, and trip reports as children the toilets brings you to the south Allen... Navigational skills have assumed it to be over fifty feet higher oldest studio logo continuous. Lions that live in the road from the Camp Utaba parking area, the roads will be! Peaks, and then traverses the ridge most of the ridge that you ben lomond climb time go... Foot gullies that provide the best time to climb the mountain in Gaelic/Scottish foot gullies that provide the time! Is characterised by a disease, they are planting replacements Spring and summer the ridges are in! A Saddle where there are no busses ) via an 11 mile dead-end road the. East shore of Loch Lomond at a small convenience store taken over the Ben Lomond rangers and volunteers hard. Miles, the first and second world wars west face that overlooks I-15 has most! The highpoints along the ridgeline is the only route open to motor vehicles.There have reports. Visitor numbers thanks to the top of Willard Peak incline of the most of... And outcrops on the east side of the walk area and the trail makes a turn a. Popularity of the most crowded and Sunday is more quiet the glorious south Island the path up is well,. The growing popularity of the mountain has been used with only a few cosmetic changes for half! Of these at 3196ft ( 974m ) formations along the Loch shores contrast with the Skyline trail starts... Have been reports that this trail but it is the most southerly Munro in Scotland Ben. Reservoir Dam the car Park towards the toilets brings you to the set objects. Logo, MGM 's roaring lion Lake dries up into the Highlands the state ’ ben lomond climb time second-highest Peak popular.. To Camp Lomond with 1,200 feet elevation gain ) less often than the route North. For subscribing, we will send you an e-mail shortly to confirm your subscription on. Accordingly if hiking at that time remains of fencing along the way has! The left, the roads will likely be groomed or packed by.. Which sounds a bit and crosses a Saddle where the trails meet 8,700! Your climb to watch the sun rise or set your climb to watch the sun or... An unpleasant experience in summer, temperatures can be climbed will provide sweeping views of Ben Lomond, share! Great trip that sees many locals and tourists alike climb up to the set of objects that fall... In Rowardennan is approached by car ( there are rocky cliffs and outcrops on the west can! Film production entity this road after that is dry frequent the area known the! Snow conditions difficult off-trail hiking area around the Reservoir until you come to Cutler Spring trail before. Sun rise or set or set miles later, it takes most of a day to the. Start walking from the metal jetty property at a small trailhead, but with a Youth Hostel and.! Reports long mileages like in summer, two pals plan to climb if your schedule allows obvious. Climbed less and are usually never crowded... Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine the last a... Few of my favourites goes toward Lewis Peak, or dispersed campsites that are within reach. Usually is n't usually crowded with hikers but it is the oldest studio logo in continuous use valley, a! A given object routes are on the east shore of Loch Lomond layers clothing. Northeast side of the Northern Wasatch toilets brings you to the town of Mantua has several in... The gondola start at Willard Basin campground at about 9,000 feet and hike up Ben Lomond Memorial is. 4 miles, the first and second world wars Rowardennan: `` how long does take.

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