They offer a BSN degree. They offer an ADN program with 2 options – a six-quarter option and a ten-quarter option. They also offer an LPN to RN program. Most students will probably pay around $18,000-25,000. Costs will vary depending on insurance status and the number of immunizations required annually. I will give you my experience. Around 10 schools in Washington offer nurse practitioner programs at either the MSN or DNP level. They also offer an LPN to BSN degree option. Each school has two separate rankings. Everett Community College is located in Everett, Washington. They offer an ADN degree. They offer a BSN program and an accelerated BSN program; for students seeking an advanced education, they also have several lucrative post-graduate nursing options. Skagit Valley College is located in Mount Vernon, Washington. You’ve decided to make a difference in the field of healthcare, and you know that nursing is the way to do it. Total enrollment for all degrees including nursing programs is 31,478. The Washington Coalition for Nursing has been pushing for legislation for a bachelor’s degree to be the minimal requirement for licensure. The state of Washington is home to seven private nursing schools, including Seattle University, Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, and Gonzaga University in Spokane. Copyright © 2009-2020 - RN Careers. Nursing schools in Washington have responded to call and have introduced many different RN and BSN programs to help nurses meet their educational goals. They offer an ADN program. NG. Nursing homes in that area reported daily rates between $251 and $525. They offer a practical nursing program and an ADN program. In our Washington RN program guide, find rankings for both ADN and BSN Degree programs, tuition costs, NCLEX passing rates, and more. The lowest rate in the state was $178 per day, in the Olympia-Tumwater vicinity. University of Washington is a public school. The Washington State Nurses Association is the largest nursing association in the state, serving more than 75,000 licensed nursing professionals in every specialty and role. The 25 Best Nursing Schools in Washington. Shoreline Community College is located in Shoreline, Washington. They offer a career ladder program. Peninsula College is located in Port Angeles, Washington. The higher the NCLEX pass rate of the program, and the lower the cost, the better the return on investment. Known as one of the oldest Nursing programs in the state of … In order to help future nurses weigh their options, we’ve created two rankings of the best nursing schools in the state — one for graduate programs and one for undergraduate programs — based on data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). All fees are subject to change without prior notification. It is anticipated that in the near future, YVCC will have a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) with one or more universities, which will allow students to quickly progress to earning their BSN degree. Graduate program costs are subject to change and are meant to give you a general idea of program costs. For the last 10 years, our team of nurse educators, nurse practitioners, RNs and LPNs have independently published Education programs information . Washington is the home to 51 nursing schools, but not every school is the right choice for every prospective nursing student. All Right Reserved. They offer an LPN and an ADN program. Tuition for a nursing school in Washington will cost between $3,500 to $5,500 per year for state residents seeking a two year Associate degree, an ADN or ASN, for example. Peninsula College offers dozens of scholarships to its nursing students for those that apply. They offer a Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP), which readies the nurse with a BSN degree to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). The School of Nursing has an application deadline of Jan. 15 and an application fee of $85 for U.S. residents. To help nursing students in their search for a top RN program, the education experts at publish their annual findings of the best nursing schools for both Washington and the country. Big Bend Community College is located in Moses Lake, Washington. They offer advanced placement for LPNs, but only if spaces allow in the program – they do not have spaces available for the 2016-2017 academic year. These programs help prepare registered nurses for leadership and the culture shift of modern health care. They also offer several other online post-graduate nursing options. They estimate the cost for books at $825, room and board at $11,691, and clinical course lab fees at $200, just to name a few. How much does a School Nurse make in Washington? The program offers a practical nursing program and an RN program; the RN program gives the student an AAS-T degree upon completion, which allows the student the ability to easily transfer to a 4-year college in order to ear their BSN. Their program consists of a Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC) Training Program, an ADN program and an RN to BSN program. The 10-quarter option is ideal for students who have other obligations or have not done well in a full-time nursing program. Net Price. *BSN students must maintain up-to-date immunizations. Choosing the right nurse practitioner program can seem daunting, but keeping the following key elements in mind when checking out programs should make the process much easier: 1. Based on average net price, earnings potential, student and alumni reviews, and additional factors. The six-quarter option means that the student graduates in six semesters and the 10-quarter option means the student graduates in ten semesters. The program allows students to become a Nursing Assistant – Certified (NA-C) after the first quarter, an LPN after the third quarter and an ADN at the completion of the program. We obtained each institution’s first-time NCLEX-RN passing rates, the number of students taking the test, the program nursing accreditation and more. Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Accreditation: Washington State Nursing Quality Assurance Commission 1810 North Greene Street Spokane, Washington 99217-5399 Phone:(509) 533-7000 Phone: (800) 248-5644 Website: Spokane Community College is a 2-year, public institution. Our mission is to help educate the best nurses in the country, and we do this by providing accurate and meaningful information about earning a nursing degree. There also is an LPN to RN program, but only if there is space available in the program. Lake Washington Institute of Technology is located in Kirkland, Washington. There are currently around 35 state approved RN schools in Washington, including the University of Washington School of Nursing, which was recently ranked as the top nursing school in the nation. Washington State Nurses Association 575 Andover Park West, Suite 101 Seattle, WA 98188 (206) 575-7979. BSN Program Cost. The amounts shown here represent, for planning purposes, estimates of tuition and fees for the BSN degree. Final costs are subject to change without notice and may differ from the amounts posted. National. Costs will vary depending on insurance status and the number of immunizations required annually. Students in the program who take the course “Personal and Vocational Relationships” within the program are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN while in the program. University of Washington is located in Seattle, Washington. Tuition can reach up to $80,000, or even upwards of $100,000. For our 2019 rankings, the research team at Nursing Schools Almanac collected data on over 3,000 nursing schools and campuses throughout the United States. *BSN students must maintain up-to-date immunizations. Nursing Schools in Washington. They have been educating nurses since 1941. Costs will vary depending on insurance status and the number of immunizations required annually. All fees are subject to change without prior notification. 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